Are you struggling with:

  • Trauma-from past or recent events
  • Stress or anxiety that gets in your way of feeling well
  • Relationship problems-leaving you feeling disconnected and misunderstood
  • Parenting concerns- wanting to regain control of your household and reconnect with your child
  • Self sabotage, procrastination or unclear direction
  • Physical problems in relation to food, exercise, fatigue, and pain


  • In office
  • Walk and talk
  • Telehealth


  • Trauma recovery
  • Performance enhancement
  • Intensive therapy

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  • Somatic Processing
  • Yoga
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Body positivity
  • Intuitive eating -mending relationships with food


Solution focused Positive Parenting sessions, classes and groups. Overcome personal triggers experienced in parenting that harm the parent child relationship

As parents, unresolved hurts, fears and traumas from our own childhoods erupt without warning, sabotaging our parenting strategies. We go from calm and strong to feeling like we can’t control the words coming out of our mouths!

Maybe you’ve had the surreal experience of finding yourself yelling unhelpful or hurtful things to you kids in the heat of battle when you simply wanted to be saying something like, “take your dirty socks off the counter.”

Clients say it feels like this eruption comes out of nowhere for what seems like, “no apparent reason.” Yet, there is always a reason and it involves getting emotionally activated by something deeper than dirty socks.

Getting triggered in our parenting is to be expected, but if it gets the best of us it can create a deep separation, damaging the parent- child relationship. Without taking time to investigate and heal our own childhood wounds, we are bound to repeat the cycle with our own little ones.

Another way unresolved issues affect our parenting is, as hard as we try to hide our current stress and concerns, our kids pick up on them and internalize them in their own bodies and brains. Our anxiety can become theirs and manifest in their moods and behaviors.

Kids don’t have the same command of language as an adult so they communicate via behavior. If you are not sure how to move forward, I can help. Parenting is hard and no one expects you to be perfect and kids are resilient. I invite you to explore moving forward as a more connected parent.


  • Find more enjoyment during your child’s push for individuality
  • Creating a safe and respectful home environment
  • Role modeling assertiveness, boundaries, and empathy
  • Empower kids to become self reliant and resilient
  • Explore how to listen and love each during stressful moments
  • Understand personal triggers that make it hard to offer your child the relationship you both really want and need
  • Create something better than you had growing up


  • EMDR for resolution of parenting triggers
  • Exploration of parenting styles, those of your parents, your co-parent’s and yourself.
  • Learn what worked and what didn’t and how to be more present parenting in the here and now
  • Gain new insights about child development to better understand what to expect at each stage of growth
  • Practice effective communication skills
  • Learn to set boundaries, limits and reasonable expectations

Understand the neurobiology of stress and how to use emotional regulation skills for both you and your child

Being our best as caregivers starts with healing ourselves and showing our kids how to do the same by building stronger relationships, learning new skills and creating an environment for collaboration, love and mutual respect for everyone in the family.